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We believe the church should be a vibrant, living, organism where people can thrive in their individual callings to the body of Christ.

We believe that God values humanity so highly that He sent His Son to die for us so that we might enjoy the pleasure of intimate communion with Him, free from sin; He did this because the love He has for His creation compels Him to hold nothing back from a personal relationship with us.

We believe in the manifest presence of God... therefore we commit to encounter God whenever we gather.

We believe God shapes us through other people... therefore we commit to build meaningful, authentic relationships.

We believe everyone has an active role to play in expanding God's kingdom... therefore we commit to help one another discern and live out our roles.

We believe effective ministry is done through the Holy Spirit's power... therefore we commit to embrace the Spirit's gifts and cultivate His fruit.

We believe God listens to us, speaks to us and acts through us... therefore we commit to permeate our life together with prayer.

We believe that the Bible is true, relevant, and essential... therefore we commit to teach, preach, read, and live out God's word.

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